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space Zion Home is licensed to accommodate a maximum of twelve residents. In addition to the lounge and dining area, there is an air-conditioned hall for recreational and counseling purposes. The services it provides are as follow: Picture
Button Residential Care
  For elderly females with/without dependents. Full board and lodging is provided. Due to space constraints we are unable to accept male residents.
Button Respite Care
    For the elderly and frail females who need temporary respite, e.g. when their children or other dependents are away or are unable to care for them. Full board and lodging is provided. Picture
Button Day Care
    For those whose dependents cannot care for them in the day. But the dependents have to arrange their own transport to bring the elderly to the home. Meals are provided and rest area is available. Day Care service is provided Monday to Friday only.
Fees Charged:
  Residential Care and Respite Care : $700 monthly
Day Care : $15 per day or $300 monthly

No deposits are required on admission, but the monthly fee is payable at the beginning of the month. The chargeable fee is dependent on the affordability of the resident or her family who are also responsible for payments on medical care and ambulance charges. Residents on Public Assistance are required to remit their allowances to the Home.

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