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    All residents prior to admission are required to declare their possessions in terms of cash or in kind on prescribed form for record purposes.
  Personal Management
    Able-bodied residents are required to:
a) wash their own clothes as well as those who are non-ambulant and sick,
b) assist in serving of meals and washing of dishes,
c) assist in keeping the Home and its surroundings tidy and clean,
d) assist one another in times of need,
e) ensure no wastage of water, electricity and gas etc.
    Residents are prohibited from :
a) gambling in any form in the premises,
b) drinking of hard liquor,
c) smoking in the premises,
d) exhibiting of disorderly behaviour and physical fighting,
e) staying out later than 10.00 PM without permission,
f) engaging in any activities contradictory to the doctrines of the Presbyterian Church.

a) Residents having relatives or friends who are willing to undertake the funeral arrangements upon their deaths would be required to indicate such arrangements on the prescribed form.

b) For residents without relatives or friends to arrange their funeral in the event of death, the management Committee of the Home would make whatever arrangement
as it thinks fit.

c) All funeral arrangements would be as simple as possible so as not to create a din in the neighbourhood.


a) The management Committee reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations of the Home as it thinks fit.

b) The Management Committee reserves the right to discharge any resident who contravenes any of the Rules and Regulations of the Home.


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