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  1 Be a female Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  2 Above 60 years of age.
  3 Medically fit and free from infectious diseases, requiring only minimal care, mentally alert and capable of taking care of their activities of daily living.
  4 On Public Assistance, or without family and means of financial support, or
  5 Has family, but has difficulties living with or obtaining adequate care from the family.
  6 If in receipt of Public Assistance or other monetary assistance from other organisations, the applicant should hand over, on admission, all the allowances to the Home for her maintenance, but would retain a sum to be determined by the Management Committee as pocket money per month.
  7 Applicants who are not recipients of any monetary assistance would have to pay fees. The management Committee reserves the right to fix the amount according to the financial position of the applicant.
  8 To avoid any complications in catering, the applicant should not have any restrictions about food served in the Home, such as objections based on religion or personal habit.
  9 Non-Christian applicants should not object to simple religious ceremonies in the Home, such as prayers, singing of hymns etc.
  10 The applicant should agree to observe all the Rules and Regulations For Residents of the Home.
  11 The following criteria would be adopted in deciding the priority of applicants:
a) recipients of Public Assistance
b) aged people who are poor and with no one to care for them
c) aged people with no one to care for them
d) applicants who qualify under the above-mentioned conditions
  12 The Management Committee reserves the right to admit or reject any applicant. However, the destitute admitted should comprise at least 30% of the Home muster at any one time. Also the proportion of the fairly frail elderly should not exceed 30 % of the muster.

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