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Zion Home For The Aged is a sheltered home for aged Zion Home For The Agedfemales. It was established in 1979 by Zion Presbyterian Church, in response to a call to charitable organizations to help care for the destitute. Admission criteria used to be very stringent, with cases vetted and approved by the Ministry of Social Welfare. However, the needs are different now. The destitute have decreased but the elderly and frail whose dependents are unable to care for them are on the increase. We shall continue to cater to the needs of both these groups of senior citizens.

Zion Home For The Aged is a registered society and also a charity registered under the Charities Act of 1982. It is a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

The Home is managed by a committee elected by Zion Presbyterian Church. The incumbent Management Committee comprises the following:

    Chairman - Mr Seng Thiam Ghee Location Map
    Secretary - Mr Kwok Kum Bo
    Treasurer - Ms Tay Guat Hiong
    Member - Mr Loke Chee Tuan,Mr Chua Fook Chuan
    Auditor - Ms Chai Jia Ling
    Adviser - Rev Teo See Eng, Rev Tang Chee Keong

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